Nino Kori

Nino is a brave ranger who believes in fairness for all but at the same time has a hard time keeping this commitment.


Nino Kori: Class:Ranger Allignment:Good Height:6’3’’ Weight:154 lbs. Age:14

Max HP:90  Bloodied:45 
Surge Value:22 Surges Per Day:1
STR:5        Int:1
Con:4        Cha:1
Dex:3        Wis:1
Starting Weapon:
ATK vs DEF /// Weapon  ///  Damage
STR vs Fort/// LongSword /// 12  
Languages Known:Common
Encounter Power:
Fury: If Current HP is equal to or less than Bloodied value activate this power. Whenever he attacks, add +5 to all damage by this character. Also add +1 to all defenses.

Nino Kori is an orphan who lives in the forest and has learned to live off his own skills and does not need help to survive.He is a kind person, but can lose his temper sometimes and gets very furious. He loves animals and has lived with them his whole life. He could be described as shallow in his love life but on the inside he still has some very high values.

Nino Kori

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